Be aware that every pair and connection is unique before you begin since what helps one couple might not fit for the next. For instance, while one individual would like the notion of getting engaged during the middle of a Football game, another may shudder at the concept.

However, we're sure you'll succeed if you consider your partner's individuality and go beyond the ordinary to design a unique and romantic proposal. But please keep in mind that these ideas and concepts are only the beginning. You want to plan it properly. 

1-Ideas for A Private, Unique Marriage Proposal: 

1.1-Picture Yourself and Your Lover in Every Available Space

Take out pictures of the two of you taken during the span of your connection. Choose a room in your residence (or a hotel lobby) and decorate it with pictures. You'll be addressing one of the most important questions to your partner. You two are accompanied by some of the favorite experiences of your years invested together, and it's easy for you to go with the flow.

1.2-Employ A Private Chef

Plan a romantic dinner for two at your house with a private chef who will prepare your partner's preferred dish. One of the popular ways to use this classic romantic proposal concept is to request that the chef place the ring on the dish during one of the meals. 

1.3-Propose Cutting Silk

Every few inches, tuck a little heartfelt letter and memory from your romance onto a red silk ribbon and connect it from one corner of your house to the other. Be ready to pop the question when the ribbon reaches its finish.